The W&N Concept is far more than a simple training system offering, like many others, the services of a coach or of a personal trainer.  It is also far more than simple nutrition advice like the numerous existing “diets” often promising the moon and the stars…

The main feature and the expertise of the W&N Concept is to associate a food hygiene plan based on the endocrine system specific to each person together with a training or a reshaping program; assisted or not, but always with a personalized follow-up, in line with one’s individual objectives, focused on the functioning of the endocrine system, which varies from one person to the other.

The goal of the W&N Concept is to recreate in the organism a hormonal equilibrium thanks to the elaboration of a program associating nutrition and physical exercise matching one’s specific metabolism.

The W&N Concept has as an objective to regulate the consumption of the more stimulating foods for your dominant gland and to favor food which activates the “lazier” glands.