The W&N Concept is the result of the personal experience of a high level competitive athlete combined with the transmission of the nutritional expertise and knowledge of a highly experienced athletic trainer.

Its particularity resides, on the one side, in the selection of a combination of tests and measures allowing an evolutionary and personalized follow-up of your objectives and, on the other side, in the elaboration of nutritional and training programs corresponding to your own organism and its specific endocrine functioning.

The services proposed by W&N WELLNESS & NUTRITION are rendered by a certified fitness instructor and personal trainer. The nutritional services are nutritional coaching advice.

The information available on this website and the advice given by W&N WELLNESS & NUTRITION are not and should not be interpreted as medical advice and in case of pathology, namely of trouble, malfunction or insufficiency of the endocrine system, do not replace in any case the advice of a health professional. W&N WELLNESS & NUTRITION does not participate to any medical analysis or prescription, neither to any treatment whatsoever of any illness.